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Soprano Simona Nicoletta Jidveanu, a comprehensive voice, soft and delicate impressed, she deserves all praise for life and style to sing higher sustained manner with refined art, for penetrating accents and enthusiasm with which she can repay the music’s evident abstraction.
Vasile Pruteanu, Musicologist

Simona Nicoletta Jidveanu, a penetrating remarkable plasticity voice timbre, a game scene ambitus generous and detached.
Despina Petecel-Teodoru

Simona Jidveanu showed off once a certainly virtuosity intonation and a diverse range of expression, a „versatility jump” between the dramatic register and the quasi-comic burlesque (…) technical flexibility, perfect knowledge of works, safety stage acting. 
Carmen Carneci-Cavassi

Soprano Simona Nicoletta Jidveanu it reveals the singer with a warm voice, strong, wonderful velvety using accented and upper-class voice-scale resources. Easy voice timbre and show enables stunning and unexpected transitions from one register to another. For this stage temper, for exceptional moments, impressive theater and play, for a great variety of artistic resources, Simona Nicoletta Jidveanu appears as a deep thinker with rich intellectual and imaginative resources. Vasile Pruteanu